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Watch Barack Obama Townhall Live Coutesy Raleigh News & Observer Updated with Audio of Speech

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 17, 2008

Apparently I’m not the only one ramping up to provide live coverage of political events. Witness:

<!– –>Event is over…processing audio. will have a video clip overview…
The event will start at 12.30pm, (now they are saying 1pm) and is in Greensboro Raleigh.
Hat Tip: Under the Dome

**update** 4.09 pm
Here is the audio of his speech:

I am very glad to see more people starting to realize that they can webcast events live on the internet, and, despite very little warning, the News & Observer managed to score a peak of 275 viewers (give or take) at one point during the speech.

Now, if only the North Carolina General Assembly would follow through, and start webcasting video of their floor action, and committee meetings so that we, their employers, can watch them do our work.


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