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Hendersonville Debate Is On

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 8, 2008

I’ll mark it down as a point for the good doctor.

Check it out.

One Response to “Hendersonville Debate Is On”

  1. Anonymous said

    I don’t know that this could be considered a credit to Mumpower. The full e-mail exchanges have been posted at the Blue Ridge Now comments forum and this appears to be a matter of miscommunication on the part of the holders of the debate to express in detail all the rules, followed by Mumpower making a scene and insisting that just showing up and doing the debate was unfair to him.

    Arguments can be made either way about whether or not candidates should be allowed to paint the wall with their name at a debate instead of just trying to win voters over *with the actual substance of the actual debate* but Mumpower making such a big deal out of it makes it sound like he has little faith in his own ability to sway voters with the spoken word.

    (Imagine how the presidential debates might have looked if there had been Ron Paul signs all over the walls behind all the candidates.)


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