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J’lem yeshiva terror attack videos posted to you tube

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2008

The government recently posted three videos showing images from the terror attack at Jerusalem’s Mercaz Harav Yeshiva earlier this month in which eight students were killed.

The three videos were posted under the titles “Stop the Terror, Stop the Bloodshed,” “Act NOW: Stop The Bloodshed – Stop the Terror,” and “Emergency call, March 7, Jerusalem.”

While the person named as poster, AtiyaRachel, was not identified as having any connection to the government, TheMarker has learned that the Prime Minister’s Office was actually behind the uploads to the popular video site.

This is the first time that a government body has used the site in response to a terror attack.

The first film features graphic and bloody footage shot inside the yeshiva in the wake of the attack, as English subtitles document an emergency call made by a yeshiva student during the attack.

The one-minute video attracted over 5,300 viewings and 88 responses as of Wednesday night. You can view the footage below. Please note that this footage contains images of a graphic nature.

Source: Ha’aretz

And the terrorist was quickly dispatched by an armed student who was down the street from the attack. Imagine how differently things might have been had someone in the yeshiva had been armed.

Yesterday, during the Hendersonville debate, a question was raised about allowing the carrying of weapons on government property and on schools.
I believe all the candidates answered that students should not be allowed to carry. (I will post a video of that question and the responses here when I process it).
**update** 11.26 am The Times-News has video of the question and the responses.

(Their audio level sucks, I’ll still post my video later).

**update** 7.07 pm Here’s my version of the above video.

The only candidate who gave something close to the correct answer was Fred Smith. He is still wrong about not allowing people to carry concealed in public schools. There is not one policy that can be written that will prevent anyone from entering a school, and blowing away children, unarmed teachers and school employees. Not one. Only physical acts, such as Metal Detectors will screen out most of the firearms. Not all.

My belief is that if eligible students, faculty members, or passers through, are not allowed to carry…then who ever is responsible for the law that prevent it should be held criminally liable, financially liable, and blood liable.

This is one law I do not feel compelled to obey. One day, there will come a situation where a person, or (if we are lucky) people will be present who have disregarded such laws and regulations and they will save lives of the people around them and put down a mad dog masquerading as a human being. I dare any D.A. to attempt a prosecution of the life-saver. God help any D.A. if that person were me. I’d take the case to jury trial and set a precedent.

When it comes to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I am a purist. A law-abiding citizen is guaranteed the ability to carry weapons unregulated by the federal, state or local government.

Photo Credit: Scott Besier

**update** 11.18 am Great Minds think alike. Well, mostly. Ogre has some comments about the recent Virginia Tech Massacre Lawsuit that is proceeding through the legal system.

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