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Waiting For Solar Cycle 24

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 24, 2008

Waiting for 24

This is a time of turmoil within all fields of climate science–although you would never know it from the public front as reflected by the popular media. The orthodoxy is circling the wagons, with the unquestioning assistance of global media and national governments, inter-governments, and non-governmental lobbyist organisations.

Under a Stalinist world government, the climate orthodoxy might have a chance of pulling the wool over the global public’s eyes long enough to put an irrevocable “climate change economic regime” into place. Under such an economic regime, market mechanisms would be so painfully and dysfunctionally distorted that even in the case of a significant climate cooling–equivalent to a Maunder Minimum–the ability of human science and technology to respond in a timely or effective fashion will have been hamstrung.

Source: Al Fin

The longer it takes for #24 to begin, the cooler it will get…

One Response to “Waiting For Solar Cycle 24”

  1. Otter said

    You have the right of it. I suspect if we get a Democrat in the White House, they and the MSM will do all they can to keep the coming decades of cooling OUT of public attention, until they are well-set to panic those not paying attention.

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