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Jan 9th, Feb 21st and March 14th:. What Do These Dates Have In Common?

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

January 9th was the day after the New Hampshire Primary, where Hillary Clinton and John McCain emerged as the winners.

February 21st was the day of the Texas Democrat deabte. [Transcript] [Video]

March 14th was the day the Wright Story was picked up by the Legacy Media, curiously replacing the Ferraro Furor.

Coincidence? Likely.

I notice that lefties are trying to place blame on their favorite enemy, George W. Bush. I say to them, “You had better focus your attentions on Hillary, because if you do not go after her with everything in your arsenal, she’ll have the nomination. And if Obama gets the nomination, you can count on her to work to undermine him with more vigor than McCain. After all, he has suspended an aide who made a youtube video attacking Obama. What would he do to one of his people digging through Obama’s passport info? Or to a Bush Admin effort to assist him? He’d run, not walk to a camera to denounce the effort.

You had better find a way to utterly destroy Hillary as a viable candidate, or make peace with her, for she will eat you alive. Never underestimate a Clinton. There are many who did, and have had their careers destroyed, lives destroyed, or have assumed room temperature. Just watch the Clinton Chronicles. And if the video gets taken down again, I have a copy of it I am willing to upload.

One Response to “Jan 9th, Feb 21st and March 14th:. What Do These Dates Have In Common?”

  1. How Insane Is John McCain? said

    I’m SHOCKED that this could happen in America.

    Wait. No I’m not.

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