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Dune 3.0 Forthcoming From Paramount

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 19, 2008

A local blogger, Petulant, of Petulant Rumblings, cued me in on the story that Paramount will be making another version of Dune:

I still love David Lynch’s version, though it was heavily edited. The Sci-Fi mini-series was ok, more faithful, but lacked the budget to really adapt. Don’t even get me started on the expansion of Princess Irulan in the Sci-Fi version to give that actress more screen time. ARGH!

I would love to see the Dune books given the Lord of the Rings treatment. I was a Dune devotee, more so than LOTR, and they are even more prescient today.

Source: Petulant Rumblings


The Dune Saga is my favorite Science Fiction epic. The story spans tens of thousands of years, and is very rich in texture and philosophy.

The official website for the Dune novels is a good place to find out info and hang out with other fans on the discussion board. No, I won’t tell you what my Screen Name is over there. Here is the prologue and end titles to the original 1984 version:


One Response to “Dune 3.0 Forthcoming From Paramount”

  1. Kathy said

    Well alright! Looking forward to the new Dune movie. Thanks for the heads up TP~!!

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