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Watch Obama Speech on Race Relations Live

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 18, 2008

Democrat Barack Obama is seeking to distance himself from statements by his longtime pastor that have aggravated racial divisions in the contentious Democratic primary battle. He is calling for both sides to tone down their rhetoric.

The Illinois senator is using a speech at a site near the nation’s birthplace to present what his campaign said would be a comprehensive take on “race, politics, and unifying our country.” Among other things, the Illinois Democrat was seeking to calm the uproar over racially tinged sermons by his former pastor at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, remarks that have threatened to undercut Obama’s campaign theme of easing the racial divide.

Click here to watch live.

**update** noon
It’s over, the speech, that is.

The entire text can be found at Real Clear Politics.

I’ll have the audio available soon. Check back.

Okay, the player isn’t working for me, so click here to download the entire speech, with introduction. It is a 42 MB MP3 audio file.

And, here is the youtube version of the speech below:

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