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(VIDEO) WSPA News Crew Attacked During Report

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

user deleted video, I re-uploaded
Four people were arrested after an attack on a News Channel 7 reporter and a photographer. Reporter Charmayne Brown and photographer Ti Barnes were covering the scene of a homicide investigation in Union South Carolina when the attack occurred.

The mother of the murder suspect, Trina Vinson, is one of those arrested in the attack on the reporter and the photographer. Two others are in custody. Vinson and Billie Taylor are both charged with one count of assault and battery. Tousha Smith is charged with two counts of assault and battery. Smith is the sister of the murder suspect. Union Public Safety is looking for a fourth person in the attack.

Charmayne and Ti were the only people targeted even though there was another news crew from WYFF News Channel 4 on the scene.

Source: Greenville Online


There is no room in our society for these idiots, and after seeing the photos of three of them, I think the police might want to test for meth use.

5 Responses to “(VIDEO) WSPA News Crew Attacked During Report”

  1. Anonymous said

    That is what happens when people watch too much raslin!

  2. Anonymous said

    I am surprised the rest of the camera crew didn’t start kicking some serious ass.

    –Woodfin Woodchuck

  3. Kathy said

    No doubt the attackers are good card carrying “yellow dog” socialist/democrats. If it were known, no doubt the news person and the attackers are of the same political persuasion. Guess the unity of class warfare, and Marxist socialist policies of redistribution of the fruits of our labor to those like the attackers are not enough to hold these good card carrying democrats together. Of course, I’m just guessing.

    These attackers mimic the true historical face, and actions of the democrat party. No guess on this one. Only truth.

    It’s a shame and disgrace that “anyone” would be attacked, and racial slurs be thrown at them. No matter the ethnicity.

  4. Anonymous said

    It is so sad in this day and time that we can not all get along together. I am so sad to see that people are still using the N word not just the whites but also the blacks and it is sad that a time in this families lives when someone was killed that the only thing on there minds was to beat someone of another color down. We just need to pray for this family and this problem in the whole world.

  5. Thunder Pig said

    I agree on all counts. Unfortunately, we are outnumbered by the idiots.

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