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Les Merritt Speaks In Madison County

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

Cross-Posted on WNC Citizens Blog:

Another fine video brought to you by Richard Bernier of Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV in Buncombe County!

Les Merritt Campaign Website.


One Response to “Les Merritt Speaks In Madison County”

  1. Kathy said

    Les Merritt is the man!!!

    He’s is doing a yeomans work as the State Auditor in the “corrupt” democrat held state legislature. The democrats have ill treated him since his election. By cutting funding for his staff, and then moving his office to a room the size of a small broom closet.

    What are you afraid of democrats? Maybe that he’ll find where your hiding the slush funds, or skimming money from the Hwy trust fund? Yep! I’d say that’s probably it.

    Thank you Les Merritt for your good efforts!

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