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Lefties Go Nuts At Karl Rove Speech

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

What is now commonplace and expected at American universities happened again on Sunday. Intolerant Leftist protesters ambushed conservative Karl Rove during his speech at the University of Iowa.
They also attacked an 84 year-old veteran who came to listen to Rove speak.
The University of Iowa Daily Iowan reported.

Source: Gateway Pundit

IOWA CITY — The United States must treat its opponents and potential enemies with seriousness before any attacks against the country can take place, political strategist Karl Rove said tonight at the University of Iowa.

“I believe if there is a threat to the United State we cannot let it fully materialize — we have to use the tools that are available to us,” Rove said when asked if he recommends a policy of pre-emptive war.

Rove was met with vocal derision by many but received support from others in the crowd of about 1,200 at the Iowa Memorial Union. At times the boos and combative shouts from the audience were so loud that Rove’s comments couldn’t be heard, and audience cries of “liar!” punctuated many of his remarks. People were escorted out by security throughout.

Source: Gazette Online

**update** 03/11 This website has more on the Karl Rove visit.


The left is becoming more and more unhinged in our country. Now imagine if this were conservatives interrupting a progressive giving a speech. You won’t see it, because, by and large, conservatives behave themselves. Lefties do not. They do not tolerate opposing opinions.
Just listen to the video below and tell me there won’t be a civil war:

5 Responses to “Lefties Go Nuts At Karl Rove Speech”

  1. Kathy said

    Who is this breaded blow hard in the last video??

    All I can say to this fatuous, lying loud mouth is implement a coup, and then maybe a counter coup. Just like the banana republic regimes that these leftists idolize. This guy smears and brings shame to the Constitution, with that malignant diatribe.


  2. Thunder Pig said

    I am glad the locals didn’t behave this way when Karl Rove came to the area to the NC-11 Convention in 2006.

    Now, with the SDS and IVAW active, things would probably be different.

  3. Mike Thayer said

    Rove ran circles around the substance-free liberals.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    He ain’t known as “the Architect” for nothing! LOL!

  5. Anonymous said

    I thought that loud mouth in the back was “Timmy Smug Face”, was it??

    David Duke

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