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Gathering of Eages: Fighting The Insurgency At Home

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

Action Alert: March 15th

Fighting the Insurgency at Home

Who: Eagles Up!, Rolling Thunder,
Gathering of Eagles, and more!
What: Eagles Muster to denounce Winter Soldier II
Where: Washington, DC and Silver Springs, MD
When: Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15

NOTE: We still encourage Eagles to make both this event and the one in April if at all possible. If not, we ask that you attend in April, when the General will be testifying before Congress. It is imperative that you be there. Countering the moonbats is great fun, but our troops NEED us in D.C. in April to force Congress to continue to support the war until victory is achieved. PLEASE consider this when making plans to attend events.

Have you had it with the left wing organizations demeaning and slandering our troops at every opportunity? Has the escalation in attacks against our recruiters across the nation, which progressed to the bombing of the Recruiter Station in Times Square last week, alerted you to the fact that we are fighting a REAL INSURGENCY in this country?


I will be live-blogging the events of this weekend and providing as comprehensive coverage as I can from my perch in the Appalachians, and a socket in teh intertubes to vacuum up data associated with the goings on as the Eagles Stand in Opposition to the newest generation of traitors.

As a backup plan in case blogger goes down, I have two backup sites ready to roll out on different platforms for double redundancy. I will post those links later. If you are going, and would like to make periodic reports, leave me a message at this email address, and I’ll hook you up with a phone line to call in on, and a method for uploading photos if your cell phone will support it.

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