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The Right Perspective On The Monster Hillary Clinton

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2008

This video is a pretty good layout of the recent brouhaha over Samantha Powers, an Obama aide, calling Hillary Clinton a monster.

The Right Perspective, a radio show on Friday Nights at 10pm, is run by a couple of famous callers to New York radio over the years. I may have heard them (although I don’t remember), because while I was living in Terre Haute, I did listen to 770 WABC when the signal came in at night, and did listen to the Lynn Samuels Show. Even though Lynn is a lib, I listened to her because she was entertaining, and was quite disappointed when she was taken off the air.

Back to the Obama aid being cashiered for calling Hillary a monster.

This woman, and her husband, is evil personified. And the bad thing is, Obama is worse. He is a newer model of slicked up Socialism presented to the world as an empty container with the words, “Change”, “Hope”, and “A New Page” written on it. He is presented on the Legacy Media as a Rorschach Test given in a room with soothing music, flowers and kittens playing in it to bias you toward a favorable perspective.
For more on just who Obama is, and the circles he travels in, check out Rezko Watch, who have just recently noted the webscubbing associated with “altering and removing” items from the web that could prove harmful to Obama. Don’t these idiots know that a lot of us have been making mirrors of those websites, and taking snapshots of incriminating pages? One such website appears to be down at the moment. It has posted some damning information over the past few days (It started on the 5th), and I hope the owners of the site backed their information up. Anyway, here is the Google Cache of the website.
Anyhow, that should be enough for you to chew on for a little bit, and remember, there will be more about Rezko, Auchi, and Obama revealed tonight on The John Batchelor Show. I will have information posted between 6pm and 6.30pm tonight with links to the webstream of the 7pm show, and the continuation at 10pm Eastern “Daylight” Time.

**update** 8.37am IsraPundit has more on the Powers Philosophy in the Obama Campaign Camp.


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