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Mad Mumpower: Road Warrior

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 9, 2008

Videos of yesterday will be up soon.

Press Release from the Mumpower Capmpaign:

Mumpower Barnstorms the 11th District
on “Super Saturday”

Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower crisscrossed the 11th Congressional District today, meeting and speaking with hundreds of voters in Henderson, Haywood, Transylvania, Swain and Rutherford Counties, and picking up two more overwhelming straw poll victories in Swain and Rutherford Counties. Mumpower came in a distant second in a similar poll in Henderson County.

The one-day blitz was occasioned by a total of seven back-to-back Republican Party county conventions and fundraising dinners held throughout the district today. Mumpower made personal appearances and spoke at all but one of them in Madison County, but his campaign had its trademark overwhelming presence there despite his absence. “I just ran out of time,” smiled an exhausted Mumpower. “I really could have used that extra hour of Daylight Savings Time today…in advance.”

By contrast, his challengers for the Republican nomination, Spence Campbell and John Armor, appeared at only three of those same events today: those in Haywood, Henderson, and Madison Counties.

The 11th congressional district is geographically immense, comprising nearly 7,000 square miles of winding roads and mountainous terrain. Mumpower and his campaign staff drove from one end of the district to the other, starting off in Asheville this morning at 7:00 am and stopping in Hendersonville at 8 a.m. before driving to Clyde, Brevard, Bryson City, Marshall, and finally Rutherfordton. He returned to Asheville at 11 p.m. to the news of his straw poll victories in Swain (Mumpower: 44, Campbell: 1, Armor: 0) and Rutherford (Mumpower: 20, Campbell: 6, Armor: 2) This marks the fourth and fifth such electoral victories for the veteran Asheville City Councilman, who won decisive
victories among the Buncombe and McDowell County Republican Party and the Henderson County Republican Men’s Group late last month.

Campbell soundly defeated Mumpower in the straw poll taken at the Henderson County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Lunch today, his first such victory, with the final tally at 94 votes for Campbell, 33 for Mumpower and 15 for Armor. “I congratulate Spence on his victory today,” said Mumpower. The road-weary candidate speculated that had he adequate time, staying to formally address the gathering (he left before the lunch began) the outcome might have been closer. “But Spence did a great job turning out his friends. He should be very proud.” Campbell is the former Chairman of the Henderson County Republican Party and ran his father-in-law’s insurance agency in Hendersonville for nearly a decade.

Armor, who historically speaking has not done well in straw polls among Republicans, challenged former Congressman Charles Taylor for his party’s nomination two years ago. He lost substantially to Taylor, and Taylor, who held the office for sixteen years, was in turn routed by Democrat Heath Shuler. The winner of the republican Primary, to be
held on May 6, will go on to face Shuler in the general election this fall.

For further information on straw poll results, including North
Carolina’s upcoming gubernatorial races, please contact Mike Clampitt, Chairman of the Swain County Republican Party at (828) 736-6222,
Robert Danos, Chairman of the Henderson County Republican Party at (828) 606-6232,
and Mike Hager, Chairman of the Rutherford County Republican Party Chair at (828) 429-0857.


4 Responses to “Mad Mumpower: Road Warrior”

  1. Gordon Smith said

    “electoral victories” – Straw polls are not electoral victories in any conventional sense. They are small straw polls. I understand the political strategy behind misleading verbiage like this, but I didn’t think St. Carl would deign to spin.

    Further, going from “one end of the district to the other” would certainly include Murphy, which is at one end. He went to some counties. Bryson City is hardly the “end” of the district. Maybe he needs a better trip planner.

    Let’s remember that Spence Campbell won an “electoral victory” as well.

    I appreciate that Army of Mumpower needs to inflate things a bit right now, but these rhetorical bells and whistles smack of an overeager campaign staffer willing to take dramatic license.

    Here’s hoping he gets an editor before he says something really stupid.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I’ll say it again, Gordon, your reading comprehension sucks.

    You are stuck in Asheville, and Buncombe County…Mumpower has about 10 times the name recognition out here in the hinterlands than his opponents, his stands against the progressives on the City Council have made him popular. HIs forays into the drug scene have done the same, and I don’t believe you fully understand how much Asheville is hated out here in the west.

    We’ll see how the straw poll in Macon County goes in a couple of weeks.

  3. Anonymous said

    I thought the press release engaged in the usual rhetoric that all politicians use to minimize their opponents in these primaries in order to make themselves out to be the presumptive nominee. I hope Mumpower sticks to the issues and knocks this kind of stuff off from here on out.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    It reads like an account of his activities of the day from his perspective, and not a stiff, by the numbers press release.

    I think it is a welcome change from politics as usual.

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