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Blast At Recruiting Station Closes Times Square

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 6, 2008


Photo Courtesy AP

Cars and police tape blocked vehicles from entering the area.

The explosion appeared to have taken place near a military recruiting centre in the square in central Manhattan, reports say.

Members of the police department’s bomb squad and fire department officials were at the scene.

Source: BBC News

NEW YORK (CNN) — New York police were investigating a reported explosion in Times Square early Thursday, police said.

Two witnesses, a man and a woman, each told a local TV station they heard a “huge bang” from their hotel rooms, but there were no police or fire reports of serious damage or injuries.

“I was on the 44th floor and I heard it. I can feel it from up there,” a woman told WABC-TV.

Police and fire squads cordoned off part of an area around Times Square. They gathered outside a military recruiting station with a large hole in the front window, The Associated Press reported.

Source: CNN

I’ll have more after I get to the office around 8am. If it was lefty radicals…it was a very stupid move.

The Cityroom Blog has an update:

The New York City police just issued a statement describing the source of the explosion as an “improvised explosive device” and putting the time of the blast at 3:43 a.m. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.


8.06am Gateway Pundit has coverage of the event.

9.52am Atlas Shrugs has commentary, and some links, noting that the unhinged left is saying it was righties to gin up hate for the lefties. Riiight! if all else fails, play the victim card.

9.51am Cityroom Blog again: The police have attributed the blast to an improvised explosive device, and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said the device had been placed in an ammunition box like the kind that can be bought at a military supply store. Mr. Kelly spoke with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a news conference at 9:30 a.m. in Times Square. The authorities are looking into a possible connection to two earlier bombings at foreign consulates in Manhattan, in 2005 and 2007. Officials said that in today’s attack, a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt was seen leaving the scene on a bicycle. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.


11 Responses to “Blast At Recruiting Station Closes Times Square”

  1. kelevra1 said

    O my god! What’s happened there? Here you can find Times Square webcam.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Thanks for the info. I hate it when stuff happens when I am moving between computers.

    At least no one was hurt.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I have a protocol for these incidents where I have links to resources in folders according to state, and subfolders for major cities.

    My subfolder for New York City has about 200 links in it. Didn’t find much of use in them this morning.

  4. Gordon Smith said

    Tagging this with “Progressives” is irresponsible fear-mongering.

  5. Thunder Pig said

    The progressive tag is very apropos.

    And do you know why Gordon?

    The reason is because progressives are more than happy to surround your selves and associate with those who openly hate and attack those who defend us. Progressives support groups like Code Pink and who call our soldier’s baby killers and murderers. Progressives clap when “students” swarm and destroy recruiting stations and you support world leaders who actively call for the destruction of the very country that defends your right to do so. Witness the witless Jason Hurd and the SDS in their guerrilla theater.

    Is this event going to be used to attack the left? You’re right its going to be used to attack progressives, because the left has allowed and even welcomed the militant anti-American into their ranks, and you deserve all of the bad press that goes along with it.

    Even the Narco-Terrorists of FARC in South America associate progressivism as friendly to their cause, especially Barack Obama.

  6. Anonymous said

    Thunder Pig,

    Great insight here, I wish to point out that just a few weeks ago I asked the question, “Can this happen in Asheville NC”?

    Could it?


    Click here:

  7. Thunder Pig said

    I do not know.

    Minor attacks happen quite frequently, such as vandalism. The more dangerous part is the infrastructure that has grown up around training people to conduct Direct Actions.

    Asheville is a national hub for a lot of the Radical Internet Traffic, and it does bear keeping track of more than I am capable.

  8. Gordon Smith said


    You’re really willing to suggest that I am responsible for this?

    You don’t even know what happened, but you’re ready to string up every progressive in the world over it.

    That’s crazy, hateful, evil, and wrong.

    I hope you grow a pair at some point and just start shooting, then maybe you can have some time to think about the fear and hate mongering you’re doing over here.

  9. Thunder Pig said

    As an enthusiastic progressive, you do share a certain amount of collective guilt in this for assisting in creating, and encouraging atmosphere of hate towards our military.

    That is something between you and God.

  10. Gordon Smith said


  11. Thunder Pig said

    Whatever you wanna call him…

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