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Nesbitt Search Warrant and Ruminations

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

Conservative Activist Chad Nesbitt of the Carolina Stompers was present at a raid conducted by North Carolina ALE (Alcohol Law Enforcement) on property owned by his grandfather, Jim Rhew.

From the Feb 29th Mountain Xpress:

“We’d held a public meeting the day before at Erwin High School highlighting gang activity and a lot of cases that are getting voluntarily dismissed,” Nesbitt said, adding that they also criticized plea deals offered by the District Attorney’s Office. “About 65 people showed up to that. Then the next night the ALE and Sheriff’s deputies raid our place.”

Nesbitt said he’s given some of the evidence the group has uncovered to the U.S. Department of Justice.

He said that Sunday night poker games do go on at the location, but that they don’t involve cash. The warrant claims that over $3,500 in cash was confiscated on the site, along with poker chips.

“It’s just some guys playing cards, most of them are retired — big whoop. There was no money on the tables,” he told Xpress. Nesbitt maintains that the cash was just what the poker players had in their pockets — and wasn’t being used for gambling.

Now, the Search Warrant has been made available, and you can download it from this page, where it is noted that ALE says Buncombe Sheriff’s Deputies participated in the raid, but the Sheriff’s Department said there was no record of any of their deputies taking part. It may be nothing more than poor record-keeping on the Sheriff Dept’s part. I am interested in finding out the names of the law enforcement officers who took part in the raid.

This story is personal to me, because I have worked with Chad via the internet on conservative activist activities, and have met him on three occasions.

He is also hated by all the right people, far more than I am, and for that, I am jealous. I need to let my light shine a little more, I think!

Remember these cases:

Andrew Reed

Leonard Smith Protest [part one] [part two]

And remember that Chad had a hand in helping to expose them, and was very close to breaking open another case.

Certain people holding elective office, including some who wear a badge need to remember that the investigations will not stop if Chad is no longer able to conduct them. Others will take his place. Perhaps even more capable people.

I remember how long it took for other corrupt officials in North Carolina to have their day in court.

Here is a link to some statistics of arrests made by the ALE since 2000.


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