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McCain Clinches GOP Nomination

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

John McCain clinches the nomination he won a few Tuesdays ago.

The Delegate Count:

  1. 1,435 John McCain
  2. 583 Mike Huckabee
  3. 271 Mitt Romney
  4. 72 Ron Paul

I can almost guarantee you that the Ron Paul Forums will be blind to the facts, some still insisting they can steal the nomination at the state and national conventions. Well, they might have been able to if they hadn’t tried their little r3VOLution on Social Networking Sites, and announcing their intentions on local radio. The alarm was sounded, and the GOP responded to block the infantile effort.

I hate John McCain. I will support his candidacy, and work to get him nominated because he is better than what is running on the other side of the aisle. Thank God the Democrats didn’t nominate John Edwards. I was really worried about him. /s

**update** 10.13pm

Texas is Ron Paul’s home state. He got only 5% of the vote in a three man race.

And in TX-14, he has won against Chris Peden with something like 70% of the vote. It appears that many people in his own district are voting for him to be their Congressman, and not their President.

At least Huckabee conceded, although it was four weeks too late.

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