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Highlights of the Carolina Stompers Membership Meeting

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 2, 2008

Here are the highlights from the Carolina Stompers Meeting held last Saturday, where they informed about 50 people about the progress of their investigation of the corruption of public officials in Buncombe and Madison Counties, as well as state officials.
The day after the meeting, agents from one of the targeted agencies, Alcohol Law Enforcement, raided a card game on the property of Chad Nesbitt’s grandfather.

Chad should be releasing more videos soon, including those he showed us last Saturday. I will hold off releasing my full coverage until that time.

2 Responses to “Highlights of the Carolina Stompers Membership Meeting”

  1. Kathy said

    As I’ve always said, the ends justifies the means to the Democrat Party. Even if some of the elected Democrats happen to be crooks. So what! At least it’s their crooks!

    The corruption needs to go, no matter the affiliation. If their a dirty Republican, or a dirty Democrat they need to be booted out and prosecuted. Maybe the idea of making a judgment call on someones behavior is just to unpalatable for those that believe in moral relativism. That there is no absolutes of right and wrong. Power is the name of the game, by whatever means can be implemented.

    Where are the Democrat/liberal/Progressives that are standing up for ethical, and honest elected public officials, no matter the Party affiliation? Cricket, cricket, cricket!

  2. Gordon Smith said

    Hey Kathy,

    Ya durn conclusion-jumping Stomper lover.

    I see this stiuation as awfully strange. If Moore’s as dirty as some are saying, I think he ought to go. Keep making the case and encouraging others to do so.

    Everyone knows I’m no fan of The Chad, but I certainly wouldn’t accept or support harassment against him.

    However, if he was breaking the law, he was breaking the law. It would be helpful for people who are standing for Law’n’Order to at least acknowledge that it looks like Chad was running an illegal game.

    Moore may be dirty, but you’ve got to keep your credibility if you’re going to prove it.

    I’ll look forward to the next development.

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