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Goodbye Freedom Fighter Ronbo Barbour

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 26, 2008

A fellow blogger has committed suicide.

I would typically read his blog entries three or four times a week, and linked to them on a regular basis from my headline news site because they made good reading, and his analysis was bang on.

He quit posting at the end of last year, saying he was going on the road. I thought that he needed some time to figure things out. He still managed to average about 200 hits a day because his blog contains a vast amount of information, and (I’m sure) several people were checking periodically to see if he was back yet. (Once you’ve been bitten by the blogging bug, it’s hard to let go for long).

Well, he did come back, for one last post to say farewell to the world. [Duplicate post from his backup blog] It was his attempt to make his planned death mean something. I am sure he wanted something good to come from his death. It may. That still doesn’t justify what he has done.

He placed a great deal of blame on an incident in 1994 in which he felt railroaded by the feds. I can whole heartedly agree with his feeling. I know people who have been treated in a similar fashion, and every such incident took place during the Clinton Administration. Several people from western North Carolina are in federal prison from crossing an unwritten (then, anyway) line with federal officials who had ties to the White House.

Some of those people have served their time, and are still hounded by people who want to make their lives worthless.
Being part Scots-Irish and Cherokee, my advice to them (and to anyone else) is that the best revenge you can have is surviving, and succeeding though it may take the rest of your life. Never, ever, ever give the bastards the satisfaction of seeing you fail completely. If you fall, get right back up and crawl through broken glass if you have to, but never give in, never give up.

I feel like if I had known what he was going through, I could have talked him away from the edge.

Now, he’ll not see another sunrise. He’ll not be able to chuckle at the Hilda Beast’s current struggles with Obama. He’ll not get to horse laugh at Bill Clinton as he becomes totally irrelevant, not even able to help his wife win the White House. For that, I am truly saddened. I will have to remember to chuckle for him, to laugh for him. To take the time to appreciate what I do have…for him, and for all those I have known who can no longer do so.

Be sure you watch the last videos he posted over at his blog.

I will take the liberty of posting one of them here so you can see perhaps a glimpse of what he was worried about, but needlessly threw his life away trying to draw attention to:

Good Bye, Ron. I’ll miss your posts, and your perspective. Both will be sorely missed in the coming Dark Days for the West…we will need freedom fighters to survive…

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3 Responses to “Goodbye Freedom Fighter Ronbo Barbour”

  1. Veritas (Loki) said

    My God that is so sad and such a waste too!
    My prayers go out to his family!

  2. AUrora said

    Great tribute and thanks for the link, THunder Pig. I had a bit to do with him and considered him a friend (as much as you can be online). He was a gentleman with a brave heart in battle. I miss him.

  3. USpace said

    Beautiful tribute, nicely expressed, you made me cry all over again. God bless Ron, wherever he is. I’m very sorry for your loss in this, and for the super-sad feelings of mourning that we have had about this. But, there are questions. It may be that he is just “Ronbo Goes On Patrol”. Either way, he will always live on in the hearts and minds of his family, friends and fans. Let’s keep hope alive.

    The author at Wizbang has asked a Florida journalist to look into this. Please go here and see the article and the comments:


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