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(VIDEO) Senator Dole’s Keynote at Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 24, 2008

Here is the video I took of Senator Dole’s keynote speech last night. I forgot all about her ‘Dole Stroll’, or I would chosen a different place to park my tripod. She worked me to death following her! (Sorry about the jerky movements and the noise…my tripod doesn’t have a fluid head).

Compare the speech to the coverage at the AC-T, and the ugly Topix comments by the born haters from the left, or lefty bloggers.

From now on, print reporters and spin doctors will have to be cognizant that the event they report upon might just end up available to the general public in its entirety.

I’ll have other videos from yesterday’s events up starting tomorrow, starting with the True Conservatives Breakfast hosted by The Carolina Stompers.

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Notes on the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Buncombe County

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 24, 2008

Here is a photo of me (I couldn’t resist) posing beside a BCSD Patrol Car before the reception held before the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner yesterday.
My day yesterday was a full one, with me leaving about 6.45 am for the Carolina Stompers True Conservatives Breakfast, and then from there, I arrived at the Civitas Blueprint for Victory Campaign School just in time for lunch (Yippee! Food!), and took in the afternoon session. I have a video of Spence Campbell (NC-11 Primary Candidate) and Bill Graham (NC Gubernatorial Primary Candidate) from that event. I wished that I had been able to attend the morning session, because the afternoon session was very informative.

Then, I attended the reception with Senator Elizabeth Dole before the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, and the dinner itself.
I was able to get a couple in minutes from John Armor (NC-11 Primary Candidate), and most of the proceedings. I missed most of the first speech because I was still eating, but I did capture the presentation of a special gift to the speaker afterward.
The event was over, at around 9.30pm last night, and I didn’t get home until 10.30, so I called it a day. I took over 3GB of photos and video on my SD Cards, and am sorting through them now.

Since Senator Elizabeth Dole was the main attraction, I’ll be putting her speech up first. She caught me unawares with the ‘Dole Stroll’ so some of the camera angles are bad, and I am contemplating ways to tackle that challenge. I still remember the 1996 GOP Convention, when she strolled into the audience to give her speech, and she seems to me as youthful and vibrant as she was then.

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