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Mike Fryar Files For Buncombe County Commissioner

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 23, 2008

Mike’s website will be up soon.

Nathan Ramsey has also filed, as have numerous Democrats, and more information on them can be found at Scrutiny Hooligans.

I will be at the various GOP Functions in Buncombe County today, interviewing candidates for office and networking, so it is unlikely that I will be filing further reports until later tonight after I return home (it’s an hour and a half one way), however, I have been promised the use of a laptop today, so I may be able to upload some observations, photos, and perhaps a video or three. If I can gain the proper connection to the internet, I may be able to webcast Senator Dole’s Speech at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner live sometime around 5 or 6 pm tonight.

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