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The John Batchelor Show Feb 17th

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

The John Batchelor Show will be on WABC (New York City) tonight from 7pm to 10pm, then it moves to KFI (Los Angeles) from 10pm to 1am Eastern Time.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to listen to his show live for 6 hours every Sunday Night.


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Communists in Training at UNCA Asheville

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

These students are an example of our despicable public education system in general, and UNCA-Asheville in particular.

It was a very good things these types of students weren’t around when I was going through the education system.

It is also probably a good thing this happened in a Gun Free Defenseless Victim Zone…

Here is their blog.

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The Clinton Chronicles

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

Here is the complete Clinton Chronicles, an hour and 43 minute documentary on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I dedicate this posting to the hope that his wife, and co-conspirator, can be eliminated from the 2008 Democrat Primary by Barack Obama.

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Red Skelton-Pledge of Allegiance

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

A civics lesson for all of us.

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Cure For Obamaplexy Found!

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 17, 2008

Remember all those women who experience those fainting spells in the presence of Barack Obama? The condition has been given a name, Obamaplexy, and a cure has been discovered.

Go listen to Old Glory Radio for the cure and a special offer.

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