Thunderpig’s Mirror

Commies in Berkeley (Imagine That!)

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 14, 2008

I have had some trouble with this post, trying to word it in such a way that would not get me arrested. I won’t elaborate, just leave it at that. Local Lefties had better not try anything like that, it’d get get ugly real fast. I am perfectly willing to spend the night in jail for…just a little payback.

Here is a video from the newly energized NRSC, formerly known to the grunts in the GOP as “RINO City”. Maybe they are beginning to grow a spine:

Here are some places for you to get a little background on the anti-American protesters of Code Commie Pink.

Gate way Pundit

San Fransisco Chronicle

San Jose Mercury

Free Republic Thread of Move America Forward Counter Protest

Bay Area Code Pink, Website of the Traitors

And here is one more video, wherein a Marine finally has had enough…

**update** 10.44am Dr. Bernier managed to track down some videos of the anti-American City Council of Berkeley in action, and I put them together in a playlist for your enlightenment on the danger growing on our very shores:

One day, we may have a shooting war on our own soil…will these retards still protest our defenders?

This reminds me…what would lefties say if people blocked access to an abortion mill?


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