Thunderpig’s Mirror

Potomac Primary Polls and the McCain-Obama Juggernaughts

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 12, 2008

Things are looking well for McCain and Obama in today’s primaries:

For the Democrats, there are 238 delegates in play for today, and Obama is expected to take them lion’s share of them. Hillary is now on defense, and her current strategy is now set on betting the farm on Ohio and Texas in the March 4th Primaries. I just can’t believe our best chance to keep the White House is going down in flames…but remember that the Clinton’s should never be left for dead. The stake must needs be driven in but good.

On the Republican side, it is all but over, with Huckles still auditioning for his Ego, and a misguided effort for the Veep slot. Methinks the “straight-Talk Express” will run right over him. There around 119 delegates up for grabs today, and with a winner take all result…it looks like McCain will add at least 100 delegates to his count, which would bring him to within 350 of securing the nomination, which he could accomplish sometime in March or very early April.

Data for this post was gleaned from the latest Rasmussen Poll, the opinions are my own, and my plans are proceeding apace….


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