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SurveyUSA Virginia GOP Primary

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 9, 2008

  1. 57% Senator John McCain
  2. 25% Governor Mike Huckabee
  3. 9%Congressman Ron Paul

1,700 state of Virginia adults were interviewed 02/07/08 and 02/08/08. Of them, 1,470 were registered to vote. Of them, 382 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 02/12/08 Virginia Republican Primary. All interviews for this survey conducted after Romney withdrew, and after both local and national evening newscasts aired on 02/07/08. Results from partial sample conducted 02/06/08, before Romney withdrew, are available here.

Source: Survey USA

In the 18 to 34 year-old category…interesting to marketing types, since most of today’s advertising seems to be directed at this group, McCain had 50% support, Huckabee had 28% support, and Ron Paul had 14% support (his highest demographic).

Also interesting to note from the survey conducted immediately before Mitt Romney withdrew, McCain had 45% Romney had 22%, Huckabee had 20%, and Ron Paul had 11%. All gained when Romney withdrew except Paul, who lost 2 out of 11 likely voters.

The most important thing the withdrawal of Governor Romney did was to allow McCain to begin raising money for the General Election by giving him a lock on the GOP Nomination. There will be no brokered convention for the Pauleroids to disrupt.

The party will line up behind McCain, albeit some of us under protest. We will be grownups about it, and look to the alternative party, and shudder. We see in Hillary everything we despise about government, and those who ‘know better’ than us about what is good for us. We look upon Obama and see a foreshadowing of the anti-Christ. He is pleasant to the eyes and ears. He speaks of hope, and brings with him the force of government to control every aspect of our lives.

We know where our duty is, and we will do it. But never forget (this is directed at the RINOs) we have your number, and we will be ready to pick up the pieces when you fail at imitating the Democrats. 2012 is not really that far away.

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