Thunderpig’s Mirror

Rasmussen Tracking Poll General Election Matchups

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 8, 2008

  • McCain – 46%
  • Clinton – 43%
  • Obama – 47%
  • McCain – 42%

Source: Rasmussen

Also interesting in the report are some figures from the Rasmussen Markets giving Obama a 57.5% chance of winning the primary, and Clinton a 42.1% chance. The speculation on the Veep selection in the GOP has Huckabee at 26.0% and Tim Pawlenty at 16.5%. The Dem Race is wide open, and the Veep numbers have Obama at 15.0% and Al Gore at 11.7%.

I think it is a little too soon to speculate on the Dem side, and I think McCain is going to provide a surprise for his choice of Veep, at least from this point in time it will be.

Also interesting to report…I have already received a phone call asking me to donate to the McCain Campaign. I told the nice young lady that Senator McCain was going to have to provide some proof to me that he will govern as a Conservative, and not as a maverick. I think the poor girl had been told something similar all morning…she said that I would come to my senses before November.

Wow! Doesn’t sound like the McCain people believe they need conservatives to win, does it? We’ll have to see how this plays out.


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