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Romney Out? Romney Drops Out at CPAC

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 7, 2008

I just saw on Drudge that Romney is considering suspending his campaign, and he linked to a Time blog that speculates on that possibility that he will announce that at CPAC today…he is due to speak momentarily. I am looking for a live audio or video feed now…found it. Click here. Laura Ingraham is introducing him now…

He drops out. I will have the audio lifted out of my recording and posted as soon as I can.
Here is the speech…Laura Ingraham Introduces him:

The full text of the speech can be found at Free Republic.

**update** 3.15pm

Petulant Rumblings has captured part of the video of the withdrawal speech:


3 Responses to “Romney Out? Romney Drops Out at CPAC”

  1. al fin said

    There is only so much back-stabbing that a real-world person such as Romney will take. His attackers are life-time politicians and parasites. If they ever had to make a profit in the real world without bribes and kickbacks, they would die.

    The Republican Party seems to be heading into a dark phase, similar to the 1960 through 1980 period.

    With Romney gone, the only interesting thing to watch will be the Obama mega-tsunami.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I think this is Romney’s Reagan moment from 1976…I look forward to 2012.
    I really, really, hate the idea of having to vote for this man.

  3. Gordon Smith said

    It would be really helpful if y’all would look in the mirror to see why the Republican Party is in the state it’s in. Vehement backing of Bush, who then failed miserably, has stained the reputation of anyone who advocated for him or for his policies.

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