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West Carolina Report for Feb 6th, Home State Tallies For Super Tuesday

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 6, 2008

I have updated my headline news site, West Carolina Report, for today. On the national page I have many links to results and analysis of yesterday’s votes, along with videos of all the candidates who won a state.

I am always interested in how each candidate does in their home state, and all but Ron Paul had their home state yesterday:

The Democrats:

Hillary Clinton is a special case. She was born and raised in Illionios, spent the middle part of her life in Arkansas, and moved to New York just in time to run for Senator to prepare for her Presidential bid. So, I’ll count New York as her putative home, but list the results from the other states for fun:

The first number is percentage voting for, the second percentage voting for someone else.

  • New York 57% to 41%
  • Arkansas 69% to 27%
  • Illinios 33% to 63%

Obama (Illinios) 61% to 35 %

The Republicans

McCain (Arizona) 47% to 50%

Romney (Massachusetts) 51% to 49%

Huckabee (Arkansas) 60% to 38%

Be aware that the Democrats are in a two-way race, while the Republicans are in a four-way race. Take from the figures what you will.

My take on the GOP Race is that the top two candidates have high negatives, with HUckabee playing kingmaker. I also find it odd that the Ron Paul Supporters in West Virginia went to Huckabee in an effort that helped McCain (the most pro-war candidate) widen his lead over Romney, and perhaps helped Huckabee gain points for Veep. Huckabee is the least libertarian of the GOP field.

Politics make for strange bedfellows indeed!

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