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NASA To Go For Six Shuttle Launches This Year

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 5, 2008

05/02/2008 13:45 WASHINGTON, February 5 (RIA Novosti) – NASA plans to carry out up to six space shuttle launches in 2008, including a flight to service the Hubble Space Telescope, a space agency official has said.

NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale said the agency is also making progress in developing the Orion spacecraft and Ares launch vehicles to replace the aging shuttle fleet and prepare for journeys to the moon and beyond.

NASA also announced a $17.6 billion budget for the fiscal year 2009 to continue exploring the Solar System, as well as building the International Space Station, studying Earth from space and conducting aeronautics research.

The agency said its budget included, “$5.78 billion for the space shuttle and space station programs, $4.44 billion for science, $3.5 billion for development of new manned spacecraft systems and $447 million for aeronautics research.”

Dale said NASA has 55 scientific research missions currently in space, about half involving international partnerships, with 15 additional missions scheduled for launch by the end of 2009.

“In Earth science, NASA’s investments in measuring the forces and effects of climate change are allowing policymakers and the public to better understand its implications to our home planet,” she said.

NASA will dedicate $910 million during the next five years to develop new missions to add to its Earth-observing fleet of spacecraft.

The official said that as the International Space Station nears completion, the NASA budget provides funding to help spur development of commercial space transportation services to send cargo and possibly crews to the station after the shuttles is withdrawn from service in 2010. Without commercial providers, the United States will depend on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to carry astronauts between Earth and the space station.

“While I do not like the idea that the United States may have no option other than to purchase crew transport services from Russia … I am glad that the Russians are our partners and have such capabilities,” Dale said.

Source: Global Security

This is so very sad for me. We should be putting at least ten times what we are in the space program every year. It seems like our civilization has given up on exploration of space, given up on living there. I guess it is up to the private companies to start the human diaspora now…or are we to the point where we need to start considering the lifeboat option?

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West Virginia Goes For Romney, Ron Paul Supporters Go With Huckabee In 2nd Round

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 5, 2008

At least it is good news….

  • Romney – 41%
  • Huckabee – 33%
  • McCain – 16%
  • Paul – 10%

Source: CNN

This is a winner take all…so add 18 delegates for Romney.

**update** 1.37pm

Then again…Race 4 2008 says it ain’t so, we’ve been lied to. Err, it’s a caucus with crazy rules.

**update** 1.48pm

According to the Campaign Spot, no one received a majority, so they have another round of voting between the top three vote getters…so it’s up to the Ron Paul Supporters. I’d also bet on a play by the McCain people to go to Huckabee in an effort to deny Romney the delegates. (I ain’t even gonna predict where the Paul people go!)

**update** 2.10 pm

Well, the Ron Paul people went with the man many of them call a “theocrat”…

**update** 2.24 pm

Race 4 2008 Calls West Virginia for Huckabee.

The final numbers, via The Corner are:

Huckabee 588
Romney 512
McCain 12

And via CNN:

Huckabee 567
Romney 521
McCain 12

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World’s Dumbest Bomb Squad

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 5, 2008

Oh. my.

Read the accompanying post at Danger Room

And to think, I am nervous about working on the innards of electronic devices while they are still plugged in…these guys are Darwin Award candidates for sure.

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Progressives at San Jose State U Ban Blood Drives; Decry HIV Positive Donor Discrimination

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 5, 2008

Blood is a constant need for those with medical emergencies or chronic problems, and the only way to get blood to those who need it is for people to donate their blood.

However, in order to ensure the safety of those who receive blood, there are a number of restrictions on those whose donations are accepted. Conditions that make blood medically useless include Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, leukemia, lymphoma, hepatitis, AIDS, infections, malaria, syphilis, gonorrhea, sickle cells, and tuberculosis. To give a person blood from someone who has one of these conditions could be life threatening, and so the FDA requires that organizations take a list of precautions to prevent such diseases from getting into the blood system.

Progressives at San Jose State University are banning blood drives anyway, though. They have decided that the anti-HIV precautions are unacceptable, and so would rather not give blood at all, in order to attempt to bully the FDA into compromising its scientifically-sound, safety-first blood donation protocols.

Source: Redstate


I have given blood since high school, both in regular blood drives, and for friends who were going into surgery who didn’t trust the blood supply.

And here is a bit of the insanity behind the blood drive ban by the idiot progressives at San Jose:

They’ve lobbied for years for officials to relax the restriction on blood donation to one year after the latest sexual activity, but to no avail.

Gay rights groups on several college campuses, including Stanford’s, have held protests on the issue in recent years. At San Jose State, it was an employee’s complaint last year that prompted Kassing’s office to investigate whether the rule made blood drives discriminatory.

They decided it did, since gay men were being treated differently than other groups of people with similar risk factors.

Source: Inside Bay Area


This is idiocy of the highest order! Being a progressive means that if you are standing on your head, everyone else is upside down, and reality must conform to your world view.

There are good reasons to discriminate against a person, and bad reasons to discriminate against a person.

Perhaps they (the idiot progressives) are not aware of some of the definitions of discriminate:

  • recognize or perceive the difference
  • marked by the ability to see or make fine distinctions; “discriminate judgments”; “discriminate people”
  • treat differently on the basis of sex or race
  • distinguish; “I could not discriminate the different tastes in this complicated dish”
  • noting distinctions with nicety; “a discriminating interior designer”; “a nice sense of color”; “a nice point in the argument”

Please note that there is only one bad definition, and several good definitions…and keeping a group of people who engage, or have engaged, in risky behavior from contributing to the blood supply is a good type of discrimination.

I was prevented from donating blood for a period of one year after returning from Saudi Arabia…and I did not cry “foul” or accuse the Red Cross of discrimination. This was standard procedure, even though the most dangerous activity I had engaged in was providing security over watch for people distributing Bibles to the underground churches in that Islamic country.

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