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(VIDEO) Crazy Chemtrails in Hendersonville

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 4, 2008

People are going insane. I weep for the future of mankind when I see videos like these:

Perhaps what the lady needs to do is buy a good guide to the types of clouds, or visit some cloud photo galleries, or science sites. I have loved the sky, and taking photos of clouds for a long time. I’ll see if I have any with me on one of my portable hard drives, or go out and take some today…if it is anything but overcast.

What people are calling chemtrails is nothing more than an artificial cirrus cloud created by water vapor freezing at high altitudes.

Bill Whittle says it better than I can:

Starting with the 747 in 1970, jetliners began to employ a very different kind of jet engine. The first generation of jets — the ones that produced the thin, narrow contrails we used to see — employed what is called a turbojet (or “pure jet”) engine. These are much narrower engines than you usually see today. All of the air that a turbojet encounters goes inside the engine, where it is compressed, injected with fuel and ejected out the rear.
But the 747 pioneered a radical new design, called a turbofan (or “high-bypass”) engine. Just about anything you are likely to get on these days uses these high-bypass engines. They are called high-bypass because they are much wider than an old turbojet. That is because most of the air that enormous fan takes in does not go into the engine at all, but rather around the outside of it. It is, essentially, a huge propeller powered by the ten or twenty percent of the total airflow that actually enters the engine and drives the turbine shaft as it exits under very high pressure.

If you happen to be one of those people who, like me, flatten their face against the window for five hours rather than reading CROSSFIRE on the way home for Thanksgiving, you will often see these jets producing these contrails with your own eyes. Those jets are not filled with poison chemicals or equipped with spraying nozzles, but rather are filled with other people watching your jet produce the same hi-bypass contrails.

So either that explains it, or the whole thing is a high altitude, crop-dusting scheme designed to chemically poison a pernicious pest, namely, you and me. Now you tell me which one seems a little more likely to you, and I will in return advise you whether or not you need to seek professional psychiatric help.

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