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America Has a Future – If We Earn It

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 4, 2008

Press Release from Dr. Carl Mumpower:


-From the desk of the Candidate-

Monday, February 4, 2008

America Has a Future – If We Earn It.

American has just completed one of the longest running periods of economic expansion in the history of the world. Prosperity, by almost every measure available, has spread wider and deeper than anyone would have predicted in a new century dominated by equally unprecedented acts of terror. Yet, in spite of the statistics and words of celebration offered by politicians and captains of the business world, the average person continues to worry about tomorrow.

There are reasons for fear. During this same period of extraordinary growth, we went from being a model of capital creation and industry to a nation that borrows to buy what others now build. The value of one of our best commodities – the dollar – has plummeted against other currencies. Faith in the integrity and competency of our leadership and economic system has been harmed at home and abroad. Those of us staring at abandoned manufacturing facilities and the price of imported gas are understandably more cynical than a Wall Street flush with high stock prices and dollars from abroad. No matter how much the new economy is touted, we know we may be losing the battle for tomorrow.

America is a developed nation. That development means we are blessed with far more days of comfort than those in undeveloped countries. That development also means that we reaching the end point of traditional economic ascendance through building and manufacturing. We have reached a time where emerging countries like China and Korea can make things cheap and as fast and well as we do.

God has created a world of constant motion. No person, community, country, or culture holds unique rights to prosperity. The tides of success are constantly changing, and only through courage, creativity, and other skills can a country reach and sustain prosperity. Within this reality, the average American finds a common sense basis for fear. We feel our cultural erosion toward the hollow and temporary securities of materialism, personal pleasure, and abandoned values. The mumbling majority knows that our greatest enemy is not found across the oceans or outside our borders, but here at home.

The success and dedication of previous American generations have created an economic momentum that will carry us forward for some time. Like an out of gas car that has built enough speed to coast, we have a ways to go before we use up our momentum. Timely actions to renew our sense of purpose will determine if those who come later have a fair crack at the American dream.

America can best begin reaching for the future with the premise that no country on earth – including those successfully competing for our jobs – is our enemy. Certainly, there are governments, groups, and individuals that wish us harm, but we are in this world together and it behooves America to reach out with a handshake versus a fist and an authentic desire to exchange value versus bullets.

Knowing that there are those who do wish us harm – it also makes sense to stand firm with America’s interests, keep our military strong, and remain alert to predatory forces that have always been and will be an obstacle to that which is right and just. America must remain smart and vigilant without becoming closed and cynical.

The future of America, quite simply, rests on three words – liberty, responsibility, and opportunity. These words form the foundation of an American Success Equation that has grounded an exceptional history of success. No matter how strong other emerging countries may become through the temporary powers of cheap labor and natural resources, the commodities of safety, maturity, wisdom, values, and freedom will always be precious in a fallen world.

America has a future, but only if we earn it by continuing to serve as a beacon for that which is noble, higher, and extraordinary in man. In an earlier time of trial, Franklin Roosevelt once described America as “the arsenal of democracy”. The world today needs an arsenal truth and freedom just as surely.

A positive future for America will have us looking into the eyes of our children and grandchildren with a pledge. “I will not abandon you – I will not look away from your needs to my own – mine will not be the first generation to extinguish the American Dream that has served so long as a light to a grieving world.” In so doing we will produce a commodity for which there will be limitless demand and very little competition.

Carl Mumpower

11th District Republican Congressional Candidate


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