Thunderpig’s Mirror

Battle of the Bulge Redux: The Romney Push

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 2, 2008

First, Tammy Bruce endorses Romney:

Steve Forbes endorses McCain, and Robert Kagan sallies forth for McCain.

Foes of illegal immigration in Arizona say McCain is not a true conservative and conservative radio hosts rail against McCain and the early primary states. A new commercial calls McCain ‘Surprisingly Liberal,’ and the Los Angeles Times, in a move that may help Romney, endorses McCain. McCain has been getting a lot of liberal newspaper endorsements lately, implying that the fix is in.

Conservative hero Rick Santorum is endorsing Romney, and Michael Reagan says, “John McCain hates me.” And Andrew McCarthy joins the Romney Campaign.

McCain continues making false accusations about Romney being wobbly on Iraq, and Redstate has a Super Tuesday Preview, and the New Media Journal notes that McCain has changed his story on the Bush tax cuts, saying he was for them before he was against them, and would now make them permanent.

David Limbaugh calls McCain the anti-conservative and Dan Riehl agrees with Ann Coulter about voting against McCain, and Tapscott reminds us that McCain almost became a Democrat, but Jeffords beat him to the punch. Let that sink in for a moment, the man was so mad about being rejected by the party for President, he almost became a Democrat. What an eogmaniac! No wonder Kerry considered him for his Veep. If that doesn’t convince my Republican readers to be wary of this man, there is nothing more I can say that will change their mind.

That’s okay. I’ll be spending this weekend (and Monday) making calls for Romney to the Super Tuesday states, helping the last conservative standing reach a few more voters.

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