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Michael Yon Back in Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

Michael Yon, Citizen Blogger, is back in Iraq:

I landed in Baghdad yesterday, 30 January 2008, on a Japanese Air Force flight from Kuwait. I immediately embedded with an American infantry battalion called the 1-4 Cavalry. After 1-4 CAV soldiers picked me up at the airport, I pulled on heavy body armor and we went into a mission that lasted into the early evening. No drama this time. I didn’t even hear about any action over the radio.

The 1-4 CAV’s area of operation (AO) in South Baghdad is probably safer than the “Green Zone.” We walked around and talked with Iraqis for hours. I had some interesting conversations about tribal allegiances and other social power structures. Here in Iraq, the tribes are very strong, and I have been working to build a greater understanding of how tribal affiliations influence people.

Source: Michael Yon

Pay attention to how he reports the situation, and you’ll understand why the Dems are backing off…we’ve made very significant progress, and have done what they said we couldn’t do.

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