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Make Some Calls To Help Romney Stop McCain!

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

Dear Thunder Pig Reader,

With the Florida primary behind us, it’s clear we are down to a two-man race between Governor Mitt Romney and Senator McCain, and the groundswell of support for our campaign has been astounding.

Our headquarters has been flooded with calls and emails from new supporters who offer to do anything they can to help Mitt secure the Republican nomination, beat the Democrats in November, and become our next president.

Many of them ask, “What can I do?” Well, I’m here to tell you that the next 5 days will be a flurry of activity at Romney HQ here in Boston and around the country. And we need your help to call voters in the February 5th, Super Tuesday states.

The calls you make that connect you to voters could put Mitt over the top, they could mean the difference in determining our next president. Please join us during all or some of the following times by emailing “I want to win” to

Saturday, 1-10pm EST
Sunday, 1-8pm EST
Monday, Noon-11pm EST

We are calling so late because we will be calling states in other time zones. We will not call Eastern states after 8pm at night.

We’ve had groups signing up on our website and offering to help from San Diego, California, to Dallas, Texas, to Southern New Jersey, and tagging themselves as everything from Mensans to FredHeads to Grocery Store Owners to Cosmetologists for Mitt. Thousands of new contributors have flooded to the web to pledge their support in the form of a financial contribution.

All of this demonstrates the widespread support for Governor Romney and shows he’s the candidate who can unite the Republican Party and our nation.

Please join us be emailing “I want to win” to

The Romney for President Team

P.S. If you are unable to make calls but want to support the Call at Home program, please consider making a contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25, or any amount you can afford to go directly to buying more Call at Home minutes. Or even if you plan to make calls, you may make a contribution to keep this program going.

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