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Ashvegas Jumps Ship From AC-T To Mtn Xpress

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 1, 2008

ASHEVILLE – Long-time Asheville Citizen-Times reporter and editor Jason Sandford announced today that he has resigned his job at the daily newspaper and will take his talents to the weekly Mountain Xpress in a move that has media mavens buzzing.

“I had a great run at the Citizen-Times and have many friends there. I’ll miss them,” Sandford said. “It was just time for me to move on, and Mountain Xpress offered me a great opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.”

“I also didn’t want to be the last rat off a sinking ship,” joked Sandford, who noted the massive changes rocking the beleaguered newspaper industry as it struggles to come to grips with the digital age of information delivery. He also noted C-T parent company Gannett’s report today that fourth-quarter earnings were down a whopping 31 percent.

Source: Ashvegas

I think it’ll be a good fit, as the Xpress is slightly more socialist than the AC-T, and the Mountain Xpress more willing to experiment with technology. The Mountain Xpress is also a better paper than the AC-T.

Update: Mountain Xpress

3 Responses to “Ashvegas Jumps Ship From AC-T To Mtn Xpress”

  1. Kathy said

    I agree with your analysis TP on the MX. Except that it’s not slightly socialist, it leans heavily Marxist.
    The only thing I can say good about the MX is that it doesn’t try to hide who they are. Unlike the AC-T, who pretended to be non-partisan.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    the Xpress is slightly more socialist than the AC-T

    not slighty socialist, just slightly more socialist than the AC-T. Both papers would do Pravda proud!

  3. Jon Elliston said

    “heavily Marxist”? Kathy, what have you seen in Xpress that Marxist? I read it every week, and don’t detect any Marxism.

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