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U.S. Senator Dole Meets Secretly with Gates County Commissioners

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 31, 2008

GATES COUNTY NC NEWS — While campaigning in northeastern North Carolina this weekend, North Carolina’s U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole made two unexpected stops in Gates County. A predominantly rural Democrat county, which is listed as one of two North Carolina counties considered for location of our U.S. Navy’s new Outlying Landing Field (OLF).

Although Senator Dole was on the campaign trail, this did not deter her from taking time attended a secret meeting of Gates County Board of Commissioners of Saturday 26, 2008. The meeting held at 2:15 P.M., and was neither advertised nor open to the public. In attendance of the secret meeting held Saturday was Senator Dole and four of the five Gates County Commissioners, and the County’s Manager:

J.S. Pierce, Chairman
David R. Brown, Vice Chairman
Kenneth Jernigan, Commissioner
Wade Howell Askew, Commissioner

Source: County NC News

Be sure to visit the website to read more about this developing story…

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Republican Debate at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 31, 2008

Here is the entire debate:

And you can read commentary over at You Decide 2008, where they have a forum to discuss the debate.

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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Justice Robert Orr on "Sound Off Buncombe"

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 31, 2008

Justice Robert Orr, candidate for North Carolina Governor, sat down with Richard Bernier and Randy Thomas on a URTV program “Sound Off Buncombe.”

It runs about 30 minutes.

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