Thunderpig’s Mirror

I Welcome My RINO Overlords

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 30, 2008

We will fight them on the beaches, We will fight them in the streets, We will fight them house to house, We will fight them in the hills and we will never surrender!

(Apologies to Winston Churchill)

Seriously, we can expect this guy to be a danger to the blogosphere and online activism.

John McCain has won the Florida Primary, and will be coronated King of the GOP by the media, and Democrats will dance with glee at the prospects of a win-win election for them in November. They will get a Democrat no matter who wins, and they will hope that Conservatism has been killed, or relegated to a minor constituency in the GOP.

I think not. We will resist this man every step of the way of the nomination process. We will teach our children quietly, then one day, we will rise up, and topple the evil RINO Coalition.

Here are a few links on the McCain Mutiny Victory:

|RACE 4 2008| Congratulations to McCain – the Death of a Movement

|RACE 4 2008| The McCain Coalition

|GATEWAY PUNDIT| Rudy Will Endorse McCain on Wednesday

|REDSTATE| Florida Primary Day — MCCAIN WINS

|RIEHL WORLD VIEW| Lawrence Welk Delivers Victory Speech In Florida

|WIZBANG| McCain, Inc.

I have updated my National Page and my War Page at West Carolina Report. I will have the WNC and NC Pages updated by 10am.

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