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West Carolina Report and Ten Myths About Nuclear Power

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 21, 2008

Not that they have anything to do with one another, I just didn’t want to do a post for each topic.

West Carolina Report

First, I have updated the first four pages of West Carolina Report with news headlines that link to the news of the day. Of course, the widgets on those pages are always up-to-date, thanks to the miracle of RSS Feeds. I will have my state and local widgets ready soon. I also have upgraded the hosting because I exceeded my bandwidth allocation for last month. I’ve got 600GB now…and I’m not likely to exceed that anytime soon (unless one of the big boys link to me again!) and it also affords me more hard disk space that will allow me to make the next phase of improvements I have been planning.

Ten Myths About Nuclear Power

  1. Uranium is running out
  2. Nuclear is not a low-carbon option
  3. Nuclear power is expensive
  4. Reactors produce too much waste
  5. Decommissioning is too expensive
  6. Building reactors takes too long
  7. Leukemia rates are higher near reactors
  8. Reactors lead to weapons proliferation
  9. Wind and wave power are more sustainable
  10. Reactors are a terrorist target

Source: Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog

Be sure to click over to read Amy’s post, and follow her links and arm yourself to combat the Lies From The Left on nuclear power. I’m still disappointed that Duke Power didn’t go through with the nuke plant in Macon County. That would have been cool, and a great boost to the local economy, not to mention giving the local greenie weenies a heart attack!


2 Responses to “West Carolina Report and Ten Myths About Nuclear Power”

  1. Gordon Smith said

    The lies from the Left?

    I love how you say shit like that without producing any such lies.

    As a card-carrying member of The Left, I can tell you that the only one of the “lies” that I would say is true is that nuclear power creates too much waste.

    The linked article explains that the waste doesn’t take up much space! Woohoo! All we need is a container and a hole, and we’re good, right?

    It doesn’t mention that this is the most poisonous stuff humans know how to create. It doesn’t mention the necessity for transport or the fact that this stuff will remain lethal for ten thousand years or more.

    Nuclear has potential, but the waste issue isn’t a small problem.

  2. Luke said

    You say “most poisonous stuff humans know how to create” – care to elaborate? What material are you talking about, and what quantity would be required to harm or kill you, and what would its effect be, and how does this compare to other toxins?

    You say “this stuff will remain lethal for ten thousand years or more” – which stuff? What nuclides? Name them.

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