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The Problem With John McCain I

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 20, 2008

First, let me clear the decks on his wartime service…he served our nation well. He behaved honorably during his imprisonment, and torture, at the hands of the Communist Vietnamese. [There are those who claim otherwise…I will not link to them because most of them are 9/11 Twoofers, and I do not consider anyone who is a twoofer to be menatlly competent.]

During his years in the Senate, he has championed pork-busting, denying pork projects for his own state, and stopping some pork projects for other Senators. [According to the St Pete Times, that is a lie.]

That is about all the good things I can say about him.

If he is the nominee of our party, I will find it very difficult to vote for him, and I will not lend him any material, or psychological, support. I will not give his campaign one dime, I will not make one phone call in his behalf.

In fact, I believe I had promised during the Shamnesty debate that I would man the phones for if they had a phone bank I could get to at some point during the campaign.

Here are some demographic numbers based on exit polling in South Carolina:

Veterans: McCain 36, Huckabee 25, Romney 20, Thompson 13
Evangelicals: Huckabee 41, McCain 27, Thompson 14, Romney 11
Independents: McCain 37, Huckabee 23, Paul 15, Romney 14
Conservatives: Huckabee 32, McCain 26, Romney 19, Thompson 17

Source: Race 4 2008

Defeating McCain

The first thing I garner from the above numbers is that either Romney or Thompson must withdraw from the race if we are to deny McCain the nomination. The Thompson Surge began too late. Even though I like him over Romney, the numbers do not support him remaining in the race.

He should withdraw, and throw his support behind Romney.

I see a Romney-Thompson 2008 Ticket as the best I can hope for at this point.

Reason Number One

There are many reasons McCain must be denied the nomination. Here is the first:

  1. McCain-Feingold [1] [2] [3]

Senator John McCain co-wrote, and championed a piece of legislation that did severe damage to the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Should I ever be ruled to fall under it’s provisions, this is one law I will not obey, even under force of arms.

…there will be more forthcoming…

3 Responses to “The Problem With John McCain I”

  1. Always On Watch said

    From Mark Levin, on January 19 (source):

    The problem for the Republicans in this race is that none of them have received a majority of the vote. The winner gets about one-third of the vote, and is declared the big winner (usually said to have momentum, or what have you). Yes, he wins a plurality. But none of them have won the hearts and minds of the GOP. And in some cases, they are relying on Democrats and independents for their relatively meager vote tallies. McCain still is not winning conservatives….

    More at the above link.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Nice to see you in my humble abode, AOW.
    The Great One! Mark Levin!
    As always, Mark hits the nail on the head. It seems as if everybody thinks they are entitled to run for President. Sadly, it looks bad for the good guys this go around.

    I am already looking ahead for 2012, and ways to put things in motion that might change the dynamics of a GOP field of too many.

    I enjoyed the show Friday afternoon!

  3. the zoom said

    Here is my take on McCain.

    Sen. Santorum on the Mark Levin show really put Sen. McCain in prospective last week by describing him as a president that would go make deals with the democratic congress on domestic policy before even talking with his republican members.

    So take a deep breath and think, would you like a republican president that would screw the party on almost every issue (except earmarks) and republicans would have to fight one of their own for 4 years on most issues and the party would be deeply divided, or would you like to have Hillary/Bill Clinton and unite the party and regroup and take on with a united power the democrats in 2010 and then in 2012? As one top republican fundraiser told me that the Republican Party needs a Clinton White House like cameo therapy.

    It is really painful to think of the Clintons back in the White House but remember that the fight for the direction of the country goes beyond the White House, we have in 2008 36 or something Governor races that would shape the future of congress for the next decade and beyond, so step back and think, do we have a better chance to win the long term fight; with a McCain in the Whit House fighting conservative (on Immigration, taxes, campaign finance, judges, energy, environment, and so on) or a energized republican party fighting the Clintons! You choose…

    (This is not said about any of the other republican candidates)

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