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Clinton Democrats Decry Union Thuggery In Nevada, Obama Waxes Nostalgic For The Reagan Years

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 19, 2008

I laughed aloud when I read the following:

This is an open caucus. Union members will be standing in the same room with other union members. Or maybe even their shop steward. Or their foreman. Or possibly even a union official. Everyone will know which candidate you’re backing. And if you’re a member of Culinary Workers Local 226, and you don’t caucus for Senator Obama???

The above was actually written by a diarist at MyDD! I’ll bet that same person was for the Card Check Bill that our Congressman, Heath Shuler ,supported. The statement by that Democrat is just too full of delicious hypocrisy to let by unremarked upon. That “union gal” has just been bitten by the Beast that is Moral Relativism.

I wonder what Obama Democrats will think of their guy wishing for the optimism of the Reagan years again?

Quoting the Obama:

“Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not, and a way that Bill Clinton did not. We want clarity, we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.”

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
January 16, 2008

**UPDATE** I found the video:

I am still looking for videos of the HildaBeast and The Lecherous One…

Source: Washington Post

Me too, Barack, me too. Who would have thought that a Marxist like Obama could let down his guard for one second and let his fellow Democrats know that he admired the man who destroyed the Soviet Union?

Well, the HildaBeast (Hillary Clinton), the Breck Girl (John Edwards), and President Bill Clinton couldn’t let that stand unchallenged:

First, the Beast:

“I have to say, you know, my leading opponent the other day said that he thought the Republicans had better ideas than Democrats the last ten to fifteen years. That’s not the way I remember the last ten to fifteen years.

“I don’t think it’s a better idea to privatize Social Security. I don’t think it’s a better idea to try to eliminate the minimum wage. I don’t think it’s a better idea to undercut health benefits and to give drug companies the right to make billions of dollars by providing prescription drugs to Medicare recipients. I don’t think it’s a better idea to shut down the government, to drive us into debt.”

Now, the Breck Girl:

The last two items were found on Gateway Pundit.

And, the Leacherous One (Bill Clinton):

“Her principal opponent said that since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good ideas,” Clinton told a crowd in Pahrump this morning. “It goes along with their plan to ask Republicans to become Democrats for a day and caucus with you tomorrow, and then go back and become Republicans so they can participate in the Republican primary. I’m not making this up, folks.”

He then asked which ideas were better in the last 15 years “than the new ideas I brought to Washington,” outlining issue-by-issue where Republicans stood on his accomplishments.

“I can’t imagine any Democrat seeking the presidency would say they were the party of new ideas for the last 15 years. But it sounded good in Reno I guess,” he said. “So now it turns out you can choose between somebody who thinks our ideas or better or the Republicans had all the good ideas.”


This is some really funny stuff, and I hope the eventual GOP Nominee is smart enough to have some fun with it, and run some commercials on how even the Democrats are starting to come around on Reagan. Who knows, in 20 years, we may have Democrats waxing nostalgic for the President George W. Bush years while they debate whether or not Social Security should be completely privatized, and left up to the private sector!!!


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