Thunderpig’s Mirror

As Another Snow Approaches, Dreams of Spring

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 19, 2008

The current forecast calls for a snowstorm to skirt us in western North Carolina, and hit South Carolina, where the first conservative state has it’s primary…hopefully, this will keep the moderates at home.

Anyhow, I have updated my war page, and national page on West Carolina Report, and have this photo from Thursday to share. The exposure was 4 seconds long since I took it while it was still relatively dark. Notice the snow was already turning to slush under the merciless assault from a cruel light rain that lasted until about 10 or so that morning.

My internet connection gave out, so I couldn’t post it then, and forgot yesterday. I’ve already got spring fever, and am planning my garden with fevered anticipation. I have been too busy for the past ten years to have one, and I can’t stand it any longer…this year, I’m back in the garden! Even if I have to just work part-time to have the time to play in the dirt, and raise something good to look upon, and something good to eat.

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