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911 Audio Released From Tiger Attack

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 16, 2008

Here is yet another incident where an armed citizenry could have defended themselves if they had only had firearms.

Here are a few articles:

SAN FRANCISCO – “It’s a matter of life and death!” the caller screamed, but a 911 dispatcher said there was a delay: Paramedics needed to make sure the tiger loose in the San Francisco Zoo wasn’t going to attack them.

Either Paul or Kulbir Dhaliwal made the 911 call from outside a zoo cafe on Dec. 25, asking that a helicopter be brought in to rescue his brother, according to a recording of the call released Tuesday.

By the time the call heard on the nearly seven-minute recording ends, the escaped Siberian tiger already had killed the Dhaliwals’ friend, 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr., outside the animal’s enclosure and was creeping closer to the cafe.

“At the cafe, we have the tiger!” an officer shouts into his radio just after 5:27 p.m., according to a recording of police dispatch traffic, about four minutes after the call between the brother and the 911 dispatcher ends. “We have the tiger attacking the victim!”

Source: Charlotte Examiner
Related: San Fransisco Zoo Correspondence sent to members and supporters.

You can listen to the audio at SFGate, if you have the stomach for it.


I wonder if the San Fransisco Zoo has a “No Guns Allowed” policy? Perhaps the survivors should look into suing the Zoo because they were disarmed, and proper protection was not not provided by the facility?

2 Responses to “911 Audio Released From Tiger Attack”

  1. Dawnie said

    This is an example of the logic consequences of what happens to a trio of punks who think it’s cool or macho to tease a wild animal.

    The tiger help the dead punk win the 2007 DARWIN AWARD! Too bad the other two got away.

  2. Thunder Pig said

    this may be a double p[ost…for I am at home on dial-up, and can’t log onto my blog. I haven’t received confirmation of a successful post , so I’ll send it again.

    Bloodthirsty, aren’t we?

    I do hope you will think of that when you tailgate on the road, when you cut someone off, or step into traffic. I consider road rage a natural response to punks and punkettes who shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    Liberals always want the law of the jungle for people engaged in “taboo” activities, but not for child molesters, rapists and two-legged murders of the weak and defenseless, not to mention the murder of over 40 million Americans in the last 30 years in abortion mills.

    And still, a firearm might have saved the punk for punishment under human law, not the law of the jungle.

    I once knew a Buddhist who had been practicing his belief for more than thirty years. I asked him the old question of “suppose you have a tiger and a human baby about to be killed. You can save only one, but not both. Which would you save?”

    His answer was, “whichever one was closer.”

    He prided himself on his equanimity and respect for all life, holding all of it with equal measure.

    Thirty years of study and meditation, yet he could not recognize that one human life is of immeasurably greater value than the life of any animal, let alone a plant or microbe. All that study had erased something, a vital ingredient that made him a compassionate human. Be careful that you do not set yourself on that path as well.

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