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Liberals Love John McCain

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

Never get between John McCain and a camera. He will run you over to get in front of it.

Here are some libs loving on a McCain GOP Nomination:

Republican voters are clearly fascinated by the novelty and inspiration of Governor Huckabee’s plain-spoken, faith-based messages. But in the final analysis, Senator McCain is a better fit of the traditional Eisenhower-Reagan conservative values of most Republican voters over the last half-century.

One prediction: If the nominees end up to be Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, it should be one of the highest level presidential campaigns waged in U.S. history. They are both personal friends. They both respect each other. Both have been on the vicious receiving ends of the politics of personal destruction. And both believe it is possible, indeed imperative, to debate the issues and to disagree agreeably.

Source: Lanny Davis, writing in Huffington Post (see his record)

And in the Politico:

In short, McCain is getting a free pass, and it’s beginning to show. In campaign events across western Michigan, voters are once again being reminded of the qualities of character that have made him an admired figure on the national political scene, without the distraction of ads designed to muddy that image.

Asked why she likes McCain, Tina Wolfis of Kalamazoo pointed to “his honesty, his straight-forwardness.”

Other voters, Republicans all, cited similar qualities. Pressed about issues, some mentioned federal spending or the war.

“He puts country ahead of politics,” added David Hassenger, a Republican official in St. Joseph County, just south of Kalamazoo. “[Republicans] deserved to have their asses kicked in the last election. … We’ve forgotten what we were supposed to be doing there.”

Source: Jonathan Martin, writing in the Politico (see his record)


Both are puff pieces, one from an liberal at the HuffPo, who can’t be blamed for pimping a RINO the GOP base will reject if nominated, giving the election to the candidate of his party.

Jonathan Martin is more of a puzzle, having come from the National Review. Perhaps he is a RINO as well.

What neither writer addresses is the very high negativity of John McCain. I believe his negatives may be as high as Hillary Clinton’s are, certainly within the ranks of conservatives who hate him for his support of amnesty, the quelling of free speech, the strangulation of businesses, and his political assassination of the beloved Rummy.
The anti-American war protestors (and Ron Paul Supporters) hate him because of his support for the surge, which he claims to have inspired, and the progressives hate him for his friendship with Joe Lieberman.

I view a McCain Presidency as potentially as disastrous to America as a Ron Paul Presidency. The former would destroy us with his domestic policies, and the later would destroy us with his foreign policy. And neither possess the skills to get the other side of their policy through Congress.

No, John McCain would be a disaster for the Conservative Movement, and America. He served our nation well in a time of war, and has since chosen the path of evil.


2 Responses to “Liberals Love John McCain”

  1. Winghunter said

    Holy crap, I didn’t get my boots on in time;

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I will research your links at the post, thanks for pointing them out to me!

    I am hoping that Fred Thompson will be able to surge into some real support in the primaries.

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