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SC GOP Debate Coverage and Crazy Ron Paul

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 11, 2008

Real Clear Politics Graph

First, here is a playlist clip of the highlights:

playlist of debate clips

And here are what people are reporting:

It seems that most pundits agree that Fred won, and I wonder if the blogger conference call had anything to do with lighting a much-needed fire under him.

Here is a Blog talk Radio coverage of the debate vis this embedded player:

Gateway Pundit has a good roundup, and lays into Ron Paul for the Gulf of Tonkin insanity. Ron Paul has been listening to too many conspiracy nuts and lefties!

And finally (finally!) the Media starts picking up on the racist past of Ron Paul, and his associates.

Ron Paul claims he didn’t know what was in his own newsletter…and he thinks he can become President? No, if George Allen cannot say “macaca” one time…then Ron Paul cannot have years of newsletters with his name on them and not get knocked around.

And, here is a recent video requesting that we leave Ron Paul alone:

If Ron Paul, or the Democrats can’t handle Fox News, then how can we expect them to handle the thugs in the United Nations and elsewhere in the world?
THe Democrats and Pauleroids are a binch of crybabies.

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