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Brownshirted Ron Paul Supporters Attack Radio Host Sean Hannity

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

Does this make it perfectly clear to you just who the Ron Paul Supporters are?

They claim to support the Constitution.

They do not. They are brown shirted thugs. When you think of Ron Paul, remember how his Idiot Supporters act. Read the comments attached to the video here.

These people do not want freedom, they want a totalitarian society where opinions other than their own do not exist.

If that had been me they were attempting to chase…you’d be reading about what happens when several clips are run through a 45 Kimber TLE aimed into a crowd of animals, although after the first clip, I doubt there would be anyone within range to be shot at anymore.

The Idiot Ron Paul Supporters in this video are all punks.


6 Responses to “Brownshirted Ron Paul Supporters Attack Radio Host Sean Hannity”

  1. genetrosper said

    Hannity is a punk and Fox news are a pathetic bunch of big-government apologists. We are sick and tired of their ruining the economy, trashing the Bill of Rights sand basically acting as cheerleaders of big, intrusive government. We want to live free and dammit, it’s about time we spoke up LOUDLY that we aren’t taking anymore crap from them.

    Hannity deserves it and more.

    basically: leave us alone to live our lives and we’ll leave the REAL punks alone.

  2. WNC 4 Ron Paul said

    Thunderswine, you talk a good game.

    Come out to where we are highway blogging in Asheville and repeat that bullshit.

  3. Gordon Smith said

    Are you threatening to kill people, TP?

    The Ron Paul supporters protesting Hannity were doing so because of Paul’s exclusion from the FOX debate, right? This seems rational. I’ve got no love for Ron Paul or his peeps. Aside from one or two, all the Paulites I’ve met have been overbearing, pedantic, self-righteous superfreaks.

    This does not warrant death threats from some conservative blogger.

    Bad form. Threatening to kill people you disagree with politically? Now I’m afraid of you, too.

  4. Anonymous said

    Thunder Pig,

    Its hard to agree with much of anything that GS says, however tonight I will.

    We all have freedom of speach, I might not agree with Ron Paul or GS however im with GS, threatening to kill people is way out of line.

    I wish to thank GS for making this stand along with myself.

    Now, I could call the supporters alot of names here however only one word is really needed – which is losers.

    Thanks for the post Thunder Pig !!

    BTW – Im in Buncombe County RP supporters they dont have nutts in Franklin with bedsheets on the Hwy.

    Do you wish to look me up??


  5. Thunder Pig said

    Speak loudly all you want. If you initiate violence, then you should pay a penalty. You say that Sean Hannity deserves more…just how much more? A good beating? Broken Bones? Or, as some at the link I provided, wished for…being strung up and hanged?
    Political Violence will not be tolerated, and Ron Paul’s Campaign…and his hopes for EVER becoming President ended with that mob chasing Hannity in Manchester.
    And what is truly sad…the constitution was harmed by those who “said” they supported it.

    WNC 4 Ron Paul:
    Well, well, well, my third favorite skinhead Ron Paul Supporter speaks again!
    Repeat what? That if I were there, I would have defended myself? That is a given. You would do well to remember that I was taught to respond to violence with overwhelming violence. As a clerk on the midnight shift in a gas station, I put a punk in the hospital because he DARED to point a weapon and not have the will to discharge it. He should be getting out of prison in the next couple of years.
    I still carry buckshot from some drug-dealing punks in Techwood stupid enough to jump on a cop with me in the vicinity. Three of them ended up with more than buckshot in them.
    I do not initiate violence, I end it.

    See my response to one of our resident Nazis, WNC 4 Ron Paul.
    Rational? To chase him through the street? That is political violence.
    We should not tolerate this in America.
    Allow me to quote myself:
    If that had been me they were attempting to chase…you’d be reading about what happens when several clips are run through a 45 Kimber TLE aimed into a crowd of animals, although after the first clip, I doubt there would be anyone within range to be shot at anymore.
    It is my right to defend myself, from one person, or a mod attempting to run me down, as in the theoretical position I put myself in, I think the situation would have ended with the drawing of the firearm. In the couple of dozen times I have been forced to draw a weapon, I only had to discharge my weapon in six of those instances. In all the rest, the perps fled or immediately surrendered.
    Be aware that I was addressing a theoretical situation.
    You should only fear me physically if you intend me harm, or put my safety into question. I do not ever see you acting in such a way.

    There seems to be a dearth of reading comprehension problems!
    I have threatened no one. I have merely stated my response if I were ever in that position. Not the same thing.
    The Ron Paul Supporters in Asheville are mostly harmless, although they have been infiltrated by a few skinheads… who are well under surveillance by the proper authorities anyway.
    I agree with about 80 to 90% of what Ron Paul’s positions are…it is his idiotic position on the war that forces me to oppose his campaign, and organize against it, to belittle it, and work with others to keep it in the cradle.
    As far as looking you up, I intend to try to get out that way, and interview some of you guys before the campaign season is over.
    I am teaching a class at nine in the morning, and another at three…not exactly good for shooting out to the Montford Bridge and back in time for the carpool back to Franklin!
    I have some literature I’d like to share with you guys about why I support the war so strongly.
    Perhaps we could have a discussion worthy of posting on Google or You Tube.

  6. Jessica B. said

    Have to say, I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, still leary of his John Birch connection, among others. That said, after watching the video, I wonder what your reaction would have been if the protesters had been Bush supporters, and the target was liberal? Would you have just said boys will be boys or something similar?

    As to your comment about defending yourself, it comes a little too close to the comments the Klan morons made about their protestors, when they said they would defend themselves next time. At least you didn’t claim that if any children were in the way, “God help them”.

    Sorry, TP. The Paul supporters made asses of themselves in the video, and unfortunately, so did you with your response. You’re better than that.

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