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Brownshirted Ron Paul Supporters Attack Radio Host Sean Hannity

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

Does this make it perfectly clear to you just who the Ron Paul Supporters are?

They claim to support the Constitution.

They do not. They are brown shirted thugs. When you think of Ron Paul, remember how his Idiot Supporters act. Read the comments attached to the video here.

These people do not want freedom, they want a totalitarian society where opinions other than their own do not exist.

If that had been me they were attempting to chase…you’d be reading about what happens when several clips are run through a 45 Kimber TLE aimed into a crowd of animals, although after the first clip, I doubt there would be anyone within range to be shot at anymore.

The Idiot Ron Paul Supporters in this video are all punks.

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Rush Limbaugh: Man of The Year

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

Rush Limbaugh’s detractors never learn. They’ve tried everything to come between Rush and his more than 20 million listeners, intending to destroy his appeal and impact. But it’s a hopeless, almost laughable endeavor. They led boycotts against his advertisers — yet his show continues to generate more revenue than any other on radio. They pressured his affiliates to drop his program, but he’s still heard on more than 600 stations — more than any other talk host. They tried to keep him off Armed Forces Radio, of course, but he has the most popular program on the military’s radio network.

Will Not Be Intimidated

Try as they might, the Rush-haters cannot silence him, or persuade his massive audience to tune him out. After two decades as the top talk host in the nation, his ratings are stronger than ever. He is more popular and influential than ever. And yet, the Rush-haters persist. Their favorite tactic is to twist Rush’s on-air remarks to make them fit their stereotypes and to advance their political objectives.

Read the rest at Human Events


The Lefties keep trying to take him down, and they keep failing!

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Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby GOP New Hampshire Primary

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

  • John McCain 34% (31%)
  • Mitt Romney 29% (32%)
  • Mike Huckabee 10% (12%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 9% (7%)
  • Ron Paul 6% (6%)
  • Fred Thompson 3% (3%)
  • Duncan Hunter 1% (1%)
  • Undecided 6% (7%)

Survey of 834 likely Republican primary voters was conducted January 4-6, 2008. The margin of error is +/– 3.4 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted January 2-5, 2008 are in parentheses.

Source: Zogby


The McCain Surge continues in New Hampshire, and he has been endorsed by Jack Kemp.

If more of the economic conservatives start going to over to McCain, this race may very well be finished.

Oh, and about the rumored withdrawal of the HildaBeast from the Democrat Primary…I’ll believe it when I see it, and the body three days at room temperature. She is our best hope for a GOP President past January 20th, 2009.

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Afghanistan National Security Forces Order of Battle

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 7, 2008

The Long War Journal is pleased to publish the first release of the Afghanistan National Security Forces Order of Battle (ANSF OOB). The ANSF OOB, like the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle, is based on open source information. We believe the ANSF OOB is a good representation of the Afghan military and police structure. The OOB will be updated and published on a quarterly basis.

Go read the Order of Battle.

And Obama’s Security Coordinator has been captured in Pakistan.

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