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Ron Paul Calls Border Fence "Rather Offensive"

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008

I’d heard that that presidential candidate Ron Paul was “hard line” on immigration and “to the right” of the Republican field. But that’s not exactly what he revealed during my interview with him. Here’s Part 4 of my edited interview.

You want a 700-mile fence between our border and Mexico?

Ron Paul: Not really. There was an immigration bill that had a fence (requirement) in it, but it was to attack amnesty. I don’t like amnesty. So I voted for that bill, but I didn’t like the fence. I don’t think the fence can solve a problem. I find it rather offensive.

What should we do?

Get rid of the subsidies. (If) you subsidize illegal immigration, you get more of it.

Get rid of welfare?

All the welfare benefits.

Including government-paid health care?


So what should a hospital do if an illegal immigrant shows up for treatment?

Be charitable, but have no mandates by the federal government. Catholics want to help a lot of these people. I’m not for (punishing anyone who wants to help voluntarily). But we wouldn’t have so many (illegals) if they didn’t know they were going to get amnesty. If you promise them amnesty — medical care, free education, automatic citizenship, food stamps, and Social Security — you’re going to get more (illegal immigration). I think we could be much more generous with our immigration. (But) we don’t need to reward people who get in front of the line.

Source: Real Clear Politics (excerpted from John Stossel Interview)

One thing that Ron Paul fails to take into account is that if all his domestic policies were to be approved (a big IF, but stay with me), then this nation would be even more attractive to illegal aliens, and they would come anyway. A fence would be a necessity, or we would be destroyed by the influx.

And here is video of some of the discussion about Ron Paul last night on Fox News…Greta Van Susteren and Susan Estrich both say Ron Paul won’t be the next President, and then shill for his inclusion in the candidate forums. I would like to point out that Greta and Susan are both Democrats, and I believe they would enjoy the circus-type atmosphere, and the disruption, that would cause to an honest discussion between viable candidates…not a professional campaigner who has been running for President since 1988!


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