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Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: January 2008 Update

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008

The January 2008 updates to the Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle are now available at the ISF OOB Page. The significant changes to the Order of Battle are summarized below.

On December 14, the quarterly report to congress was released. The details have been addressed in “Iraqi Security Forces continue to surge” and only updates or changes to that report will be addressed in this update.

On December 15, the ninth of 18 Iraqi provinces transferred to Iraqi control. Basrah marked the halfway point in the turnover of Iraqi provinces and a major shift in Iraqi forces to cover the southern provinces. According to previous reporting, Ninewa Province is due to transfer to Iraqi control in the February or March timeframe and Anbar is speculated to transfer in the April or May timeframe. Baghdad Province is planned for Provincial Iraqi Control in August 2008. Baghdad is expected to be the last province to transfer to Iraqi control.

Source: The Long War Journal, where you will be overloaded with the type of data that the Legacy (as in old & outdated) Media, the Democrats, and Ron Paul Supporters do not want you to see.


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