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Iowa Caucus Results: Winners & Losers

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008



Barack Obama….38%
John Edwards…..30%
Hillary Clinton….29%


Mike Huckabee….34%
Mitt Romney…….25%
Fred Thompson…13%
John McCain…….13%
Ron Paul………..10%


Barack Obama

He succeeded in getting out the youth vote, and energizing support for him.
Just watch this victory speech below…

Mike Huckabee

He also got the youths, as well as the Evangelicals, and a lot of other people. His speech…

Fred Thompson

He was late to the game, and raised less money than Tancredo, and still show in 3rd, a hair’s whisker ahead of John McCain. His speech…


Hillary Clinton

What can I say? She was going to skip Iowa, then she wasn’t. This removes the feeling of inevitability for her assumed nomination.

Mitt Romney

He spent millions for second place. This video shows the result…

Ron Paul

A fourth place finish exposes the lie that the scientific polls were wrong, and the internet polls were right. His rabid supporters have been playing a very childish game of gaming the results of polls on the internet, calling for people to come vote on websites they would never ordinarily visit so that Ron Paul could win in the poll.

11, 598 Iowans voted for Ron Paul last night. Over 100,000 voted for someone else. That should be the end of the story…

…it won’t be. Allow me to let Ronald Reagan address the problem…

And I have even more coverage at West Carolina Report.

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