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Reuters/Zogby Iowa Caucus Tracking Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 3, 2008

  • Huckabee – 31% ( up from 28%)
  • Romney – 25% (down from26%)
  • Thompson – 11% (down from 12%)
  • McCain – 10% (down from 12%)
  • Paul – 10% (up from 9%)
  • Giuliani – 6% (down from 7%)

This poll show a bigger (and increasing) lead for Huckabee, and Thompson, McCain, and (shudder) Paul in a statistical dead heat for third place. Julie Annie is in 6th, eating the fumes from the Pauleroids in Iowa. He should resign from the race in shame.

  • Obama – 31%
  • Edwards – 25%
  • Clinton – 24% (down from 28%)
  • Richardson – 7%
  • Dodd – 5%

The Democrat Race is more interesting than the GOP contest; A once three way race for first seems to have ended. Obama is ahead of Edwards by 6, and the Breck Girl is ahead of the HildaBeast by one in a staistical tie. Clinton has been in a free fall from 28 to 24 after she changed her mind, and decided to let Iowans get to know her…apparently they are recoiling somewhat.

You can see the poll results at Reuters.

I am not going to stay up and see what happens, but I am compiling a list of websites and widgets so you can follow the results as soon as they are announced.

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