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Snow Blanket

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 2, 2008

We received about 2 inches of snow in my neighborhood last night, and it continues to flurry. Here is a photo I shot after it got light outside.

Check the National Weather Service for updates and forecasts.

I maintain a weather page that I activate when “weather events” are forecast to occur, or when I have some extra time.

I’d advise you to stay off the road until at least 10am or so so the road crews will have a chance to clear the secondary roads, and most of the idiots will be off the road by then, either in the ditch, or arrived at their “super-important jobs they are willing to risk life-and-limb to get to” already.
I ain’t going nowhere today!

Oh, and I have updated West Carolina Report for today.

**update** 8.52am

I’ve taken a couple more photos as a snow shower moved northeast of me into Jackson County. Pumpkin Town is probably gonna get hammered by this one! (My grandparents live there, about two and a half air miles away (12 by vehicle!), and nearly 6 inches in their cove.)


One Response to “Snow Blanket”

  1. Anonymous said

    Not all of us live a lifestyle with no visible means of support like you, Bob!


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